3 Guide

These guides discuss some key ideas and concepts used through Reach. They aim to teach the "Why" of aspects of some Reach features and discuss the many alternatives available to DApp developers. Indeed, many of these points are relevant to all DApp developers, because the problems appear in all applications.

The following guides are available:

    3.1 Using Reach on Windows

    3.2 How does Reach use version numbers?

    3.3 How does Reach development compare to Solidity development?

    3.4 Do I have to use JavaScript to write my frontend? What about Python, Go, or other languages?

    3.5 How and what to verify

    3.6 Finding and using loop invariants

    3.7 Choosing a deployment mode

    3.8 Non-participation: What it is and how to protect against it

    3.9 Determinism, simultaneity, and choice in decentralized applications

    3.10 Racing non-determinism in decentralized applications

    3.11 Building decentralized abstractions

    3.12 Testing Reach programs in the browser

    3.13 What are Reach’s limitations and its future roadmap

    3.14 How does Reach work?

    3.15 IDE/Text Editor Support