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5.7.1 JavaScript

The Reach JavaScript standard library, stdlib, is provided by either
  • the module @reach-sh/stdlib/ETH.mjs;

  • the module @reach-sh/stdlib/ALGO.mjs;

  • the async function loadStdlib from @reach-sh/stdlib/loader.mjs.

These modules are available in the @reach-sh/stdlib npm package, which you can install via:
  $ npm install @reach-sh/stdlib
Although, if you use reach run, you don’t need to install this package, because reach automatically manages your standard library install behind the scenes. You only need to install the package directly if you are running your frontend without reach or using a tool like webpack for deployment.

These libraries provide a standard interface that support developing frontends. Types loader.mjs Account Handles EVM-specific (Ethereum and Conflux) Conflux-specific Contract Handles Network Utilities Provider Selection Utilities ask.mjs