5.5.2 Algorand

The Algorand Reach connector generates a set of contracts that manage one instance of the DApp’s execution.

It uses finite on-chain state: two integers and one byte string. The DApp consists of one application, one contract-controlled escrow account, and many contract-controlled handlers for each of the publications of your Reach program. During compilation, the connector produces intermediate outputs for each of these contracts. These contracts embed references to each through their template arguments, which is done automatically by the Reach standard library implementation.

It relies on a patched version of algod that includes our implementation of stateless contract argument inspection. It uses the Algorand indexer version 2 to lookup and monitor publications; in other words, it does not rely on any communication network other than Algorand itself.

Algorand uses the Keccak256 algorithm to perform digests. Its bit width is 64-bits.

This connector does not support different deployModes and treats them all as constructor.

The connector provides a binding named ALGO to backends.

Backends must respect the following environment variables: