2.1 Install and Initialize

Reach is designed to work on POSIX systems with make, Docker, and Docker Compose installed. The best way to install Docker on Mac and Windows is with Docker Desktop.

You probably already have make installed. For example, OS X and many other POSIX systems come with make, but some versions of Linux do not include it by default and will require you to install it. If you’re on Ubuntu, you can run sudo apt install make to get it.

You’ll know that you have everything installed if you can run the following three commands without errors

  $ make --version
  $ docker --version
  $ docker-compose --version

If you’re using Windows, consult the guide to using Reach on Windows.

Once you’ve confirmed that they are installed, choose a directory for this project. We recommend

  $ mkdir -p ~/reach/tut && cd ~/reach/tut

Next, download Reach by running

  $ curl https://docs.reach.sh/reach -o reach ; chmod +x reach

You’ll know that the download worked if you can run

  $ ./reach version

Since Reach is Dockerized, when you first use it, you’ll need to download the images it uses. This will happen automatically when you first use it, but you can do it manually now by running

  $ ./reach update

You’ll know that everything is in order if you can run

  $ ./reach compile --help

Get language support for Reach in your editor by visiting IDE/Text Editor Support.

Now that your Reach installation is in order, you should open a text editor and get ready to write your first Reach application!