2 Tutorial

This tutorial walks through the creation of a simple decentralized application. It contains everything you need to know to build and test this application. If you want a broad overview before diving in it, we recommend reading the overview first. On the other hand, if this is too simple, then you may want to start the workshop for larger and less contrained projects or the reference manual for the minute details of Reach.

If you’re ready, click through to the first step!

    2.1 Install and Initialize

    2.2 Scaffolding and Setup

    2.3 Rock, Paper, and Scissors

    2.4 Bets and Wagers

    2.5 Trust and Commitments

    2.6 Timeouts and Participation

    2.7 Play and Play Again

    2.8 Interaction and Independence

    2.9 Web Interaction

    2.10 Onward and Further