4.10 Workshop: Guardian Account

This workshop assumes that you have recently completed Workshop: Trust Fund.

In Workshop: Trust Fund, we developed an application where the entire contents of trust fund devolve to the receipient after a certain time. In this workshop, we revisit this problem and instead allow portions of the funds to be removed by the funder at her discretion. This is like a "multi-signature wallet", where one account originates the funds and approves transactions, while another account solely spends those funds. It might be used to give a child an "allowance" from their trust fund. It could be modified to allow the funder to add funds over time if the fund runs low. This is the first workshop on the "transfer funds" track that introduces while statements.

This page is a placeholder for a future more detailed workshop. You could try to implement yourself though, given the sketch above! If you’d like to see a draft version of our code, please visit examples/multisig in our GitHub repository